Top 5 Industries That Direly Need Drone Footage and Photography

As drone technology evolves, industries continue to find new ways to utilize drone footage. Whether it’s for commercial or recreational purposes, using and selling drone footage and photography is at an all-time high. From small businesses to large corporations, it has become clear that the “right” use of drone footage represents a high degree of professionalism.

Now, let’s take a look at the top 5 industries that use drone footage and photography the most:

1. Insurance

Insurance companies no longer use traditional ways to acquire footage. Like other industries, digital transformation and tech innovation have had a positive impact on the insurance sector. In fact, insurance companies use drones to collect data related to insurance risks and preventative management. Insurance agencies also use drone footage to review the damage of an incident after a specific event.

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2. Real Estate

The real estate sector continues to use drone footage on a bigger scale. In fact, the mainstream adoption of using and selling drone footage in real estate has managed to accelerate the adoption of drone footage and photography.

Most drones come with high-quality digital cameras that allow real estate agencies to capture the most beautiful aerial videos and photos of their valued properties. Drones are more than capable of capturing different aspects of the property that allow brokers to attract a diverse range of buyers.

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3. Telecommunications

The telecommunication sector is one of the fastest-growing industries on a global scale. Most telecommunication companies now use drones to solve specific issues that involve cellular access and internet connectivity.

The telecommunication industry uses drones that serve as temporary cell phone towers and hover over areas that have had an impact due to natural disasters. Some telecommunication agencies also use solar drones to offer internet- access to rural regions. What’s interesting is that the drone technology is versatile enough to handle small and large-scale operations.

4. Construction

The construction industry has started to use drone footage directly for on-site projects. Photographing and mapping projects monthly, weekly and even daily in some cases has proved to be beneficial in many ways. Drone images are stitched together using photogrammetry to produce geographically corrected 3d models and orthometric mosaics. Oftentimes, construction companies use drone footage to review safety measures and a general overview of production. Construction agencies also use drone footage to improve site surveillance, conduct site inspection, and improve the overall infrastructure of the site.

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5. Tourism

Whether it’s YouTube vloggers, independent tourism agencies, or federal government tourism boards, the use of drone footage and photography has become mainstream. From flyers to billboards to brochures, the tourism sector uses quality imagery from drones to boost tourism activities.

When it comes to capturing, using, and selling drone footage and photography, the possibilities are endless. Despite the size and nature of the company, the use of drone footage can help companies to retain customers and expand operations over time.

Using drone footage and photography, any type of business from any industry can execute its marketing campaigns. In retrospect, any company with a dedicated marketing department can utilize drone footage and photography to attract more customers and maximize the effectiveness of their through different marketing channels.

If you’re ready to be part of the new age of digital marketing and production standards, use DroneStripe to market your unique stock footage and get in touch with top industry players and high-valued customers.

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