Frequently Asked Questions

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Frequently Asked Questions

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The purpose of DroneStripe is to give users endless growth opportunities which is why our profiles are free. Drone and GoPro users can show off and sell their videos, photos, and services, network with peers, buy and sell equipment and more just by creating a profile. The catch is, if and when you begin selling your services or media, (once you’ve taken the extra step to become a vendor) DroneStripe will charge you a 7% commission on the sale.

It’s easy! Once you are a DroneStripe vendor, click the large green UPLOAD button at the top of the page. If you are not yet a vendor begin by clicking the sign up / log in link within Vendor Hub. Follow the prompts to add your information.

When it comes to location, add the latitude and longitude coordinates of your media shoot and a pin will be automatically added to the interactive map! Sharing your adventure is a fun way to interact with your peers and it gives you the opportunity to help others find new territories to explore.

This is so much easier than you think! Thanks to Google maps, it’s a sinch. Open Google maps and navigate to the location of your media shoot. Move your mouse to the location and right-click on the map. You’ll be given latitude and longitude coordinates – select those and they get copied to your clipboard.

Go back to DroneStripe and paste the coordinates! 

Creating your profile is simple! Click ‘Sign Up’ at the top of the page and follow the step by step instructions to create your profile. Once done, get started by adding details to your profile including your photos and videos.

Absolutely! For now, most of the information in the Resource Center is specific to Canada. In one of our next updates, we will include information that addresses Drone and GoPro information for places around the globe.

No! It doesn’t cost you a dime to sell your used equipment. The Buy & Sell or Classifieds section of the website is free for all to use. The only time you pay for anything is if you sell media or services through your Vendor account on the DroneStripe site. At that point, DroneStripe takes a 7% commission.

We will! We’re planning on launching this in Phase II of our community build. If you love what you’re seeing in the DroneStripe community we would love to have you highlight us on your website and/or through your social media channels. Check out our affiliate program details on the terms and conditions page for more information.

Yes. Be sure you price your media footage (and/or services) accordingly as DroneStripe takes a 7% commission on any sales made from within the website. Should DroneStripe discover that you conduct a sale outside the website when the introduction was made from within the DroneStripe community, that goes against the terms of use and you may have your profile disabled or removed.

Absolutely! Take a look at the little inbox icon at the top of the site, it will indicate when you have a message waiting for you. When you want to send a message to another member, find their profile and click on the envelope icon to write one.

The easiest way to stay up to date is to subscribe to our newsletter (coming in a Phase II) and get updates delivered right to you. You can also check out our blog and the Resource Centre on our website.

Congratulations on taking this step! We have an entire section of the website dedicated to pilot licensing.

The moment you submit an email to DroneStripe to sign in or sign up, you are automatically a member.  This allows you to communicate with all others within the DroneStripe community. A vendor is someone who has taken an additional step in order to set up a store to sell media. If you click the large UPLOAD button and can add media for sale, then you are a vendor.

People who sign up are; by default assigned the ‘member type’ of Hobbyist. If they choose, they can select from the following: Hobbyist (someone who is interested in all things Drone and/or GoPro but may or may not have a device themselves), Freelancer (someone who can fly a drone or use a GoPro to take footage and is in the business to either make money or advance to future drone-related business ventures), Business (someone or group that is in the Drone and/or GoPro business whether it be to offer relatable services or sell relateable products).  The point of having member types is to allow people and members to find others of similar interests as well as offer a way for people looking for footage or services the ability to narrow down the types of members to find what they’re looking for.

We’re happy that you’re interested! In order to create your own store within DroneStripe which allows you to sell your media, you need to become a DroneStripe Vendor. This is an extension of your current free membership. It too is free however DroneStripe will take a 7% commission when a purchase is made. To begin, start by clicking the UPLOAD button in the main navigation OR click the “sign-up / log in” link under Vendor Hub.