DroneStripe Photography & Videography Benefits

Real Estate Drone Photography Services

DroneStripe is the ultimate platform that connects professional drone photographers with industrial, commercial, and residential real estate agents. We serve as a world-wide digital hub that allows real estate drone photographers to market their footage and connect them to interested realtors.

DroneStripe Ltd. currently only provides UAV information specific to Canada. We are currently collecting international UAV information which will be added to the site in future updates.

Drone photography gives real estate professionals the opportunity to showcase their properties in a stunning and innovative way. From impressive aerial photos to high-definition drone video, a drone pilot can help agents attract more potential buyers than ever.

Capture the allure of a property from a spectacular aerial view using drone photography. This stunning perspective presents potential buyers with a comprehensive understanding of the property’s location and surroundings. Visualize the unique features, amenities, and outdoor lush surroundings such as pools, decks, and gardens, through dynamic shots and captivating videos, that ordinary photography can’t capture. Elevate your property marketing with real estate drone photography captured by an experienced professional!

Get High Quality Real Estate Drone Photography For Your Property

DroneStripe gives UAV professionals and enthusiasts the opportunity to showcase their drone photos and videos on a safe, interactive platform. Interested buyers, such as real estate agents, can connect with DroneStripe vendors to purchase aerial footage or hire them to shoot their own projects. A great option for both vendor and buyer, drone photographers get to showcase their skills and real estate agents can purchase quality picture and video at a great price.

Our vendors have vast experience that spans several industries. They can provide real estate drone photography services such as:

  • Aerial photography
  • Aerial videography
  • Virtual tours
  • Property inspection
  • Land surveying
  • And more

How Can DroneStripe Help Realtors?

At DroneStripe, we have built a platform that connects realtors with drone photographers. As a Canadian company, we understand the complexities that arise with local real estate. It’s a highly competitive and flooded industry, making standing out the only option. Unlike other services, our company is dedicated to meeting the unique needs and challenges a realtor faces when marketing property in Canada. We’re not here to make a profit. We’re here to combine the creative and strategic sides of marketing and connect professionals in a safe, mutually beneficial manner.

Our users have the best drones available and have the expertise to capture stunning images and videos of properties in any weather or lighting condition. This ensures that your properties stand out from the competition. Ready to further your real estate business? Explore our list of vendors offering professional real estate drone photography services and revolutionize the way you approach property marketing.

Luxury home photographed with a drone

Residential Real Estate

Elevate your residential real estate listings with breathtaking drone photography. Our cutting-edge technology takes stunning aerial shots that capture every detail of your residential property and its surroundings. Impress prospective buyers with panoramic views of the neighbourhood, highlighting your property’s prime location. With superior images and videos, you can showcase your property’s unique features like never before. More than just a visual spectacle, our real estate drone photography adds value to your property listing and sets it apart from the rest. Don’t settle for conventional photography – upgrade to the future of real estate marketing.

drone photography of commercial building

Commercial Real Estate

Showcase commercial properties in a whole new way with drone photography! Aerial shots provide a different perspective that lets potential tenants visualize the space’s layout and features in stunning detail. Say goodbye to traditional ground-level views that just won’t cut it for large properties like office buildings or industrial parks. Show the bigger picture through aerial photographs and top-quality videography. One of the most popular ways to digitalize the details of a large property, say goodbye to overpriced real estate photographers and market the modern way.

land overview with drone photography

Industrial Real Estate / Large Areas of Land

Looking to buy or sell an industrial property? Want to provide a detailed view of your property to interested buyers in the energy or mining industries? Or perhaps you want to list a big estate, golf course, ranch, or farm. Real estate drone photography can revolutionize your industrial property inspections and listings. Using cutting-edge technology, drones can document large pieces of land, rooftops, and those hard-to-reach areas, ensuring your property’s condition and potential are fully disclosed. Don’t let buyers miss out on the chance to make an informed decision. Take your industrial property inspection and marketing to the next level with real estate drone photography.


Are you a professional realtor looking to stand out from the competition? Or an owner wanting to showcase your own property in an impressive and innovative way? Enthusiast or professional, we have a list of vendors who are well equipped to do an incredible job at a great price. Our vendors offer competitive pricing while producing high-quality footage, making standing out in the real estate market both attainable and affordable. 

To learn more about pricing, explore our vendor media page. Every photo and video listed has a price set by the pilots themselves. You can also scroll through our vendor hub to connect with UAV professionals and enthusiasts to discuss everything surrounding real estate drone photography.

Legal and Safety Compliance

Overview of the Transport Canada Civil Aviation (TCCA) Regulations

Throughout Canada, drone usage is regulated under Transport Canada Civil Aviation (TCCA). Since drones are considered aircrafts, drone users are considered pilots. Therefore, they must abide by the rules in the Canadian Aviation Regulations, and respect all applicable aviation laws when flying, including:

  • Applicable sections of the Criminal Code
  • Provincial trespassing acts
  • Laws related to privacy and voyeurism

The requirements and licensing to fly a drone depends on the size of the drone itself. Should a drone be over 250 grams, drone pilots must obtain and carry a valid drone pilot certificate that is marked and registered. If a drone is under 250 grams, registration and certification is not required.

Find more information on the rules and regulations surrounding drone usage in Canada here.

Insurance and Liability

While Transport Canada recommends that drone pilots purchase public liability insurance for their drones, it is not required. With that said, it is important that every drone pilot adheres to the rules and regulations for responsible aviation usage.

Examples and Portfolio

Whether you’re a real estate agent looking to up your game or a property owner looking to showcase your property in the best light possible, our vendors have got you covered. Let us help you succeed in the Canadian real estate market with our innovative and high-quality services. Get in touch with us today to learn more!