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Canada Aerial Drone Services

Our drone services have you covered. Aerial drones make photography and videography footage more accessible across several industries.

DroneStripe Ltd. currently only provides UAV  information specific to Canada. We are currently collecting international UAV information which will be added to the site in future updates.

Our Drone Services

Our vendors have the drone services to keep you covered. Aerial drones make footage more accessible across several industries. Some common applications of our drone services include:

  • Aerial photography & videography;
  • Oil & gas;
  • Water;
  • Agricultural & landscape;
  • Event coverage;
  • Mining;
  • Extreme sport & adventure;
  • Land surveying;
  • Construction;
  • Nature & animals.

There is no industry too big for drone services provided by our vendors. Whether you need to capture images of a construction site, survey a wind turbine, or evaluate the stability of a mine, our vendor’s drone services are safe and cost-effective. Rather than have a team on the ground to survey an area, a professional drone pilot can eliminate the inconvenience and risk by aerial mapping the project via drone. Our vendor’s drone services span all industries, from oil and gas, construction, real estate, and agriculture to utilities, mining, media & advertising, surveying, and more, they can adapt their equipment to suit your needs and budget. 

To be in accordance with Canadian Aviation Regulations, most drone pilots at DroneStripe are certified and insured, with countless hours of flight experience. This gives them the ability to fly through the complex landscapes of British Columbia and beyond with precision and ease. All while capturing high-definition aerial photography and video.

Become a Drone Pilot in Canada!

Aerial Drone Videography

A video is worth a thousand photos. Get the footage you need with high-resolution drone videography. Whether you want to document an adventure through the mountains of British Columbia, collect live reporting for a news program, or have a special event documented, our vendor’s drone services will ensure every second is translated to film through aerial video. 

Become a Drone Pilot in Canada!

Aerial Drone Videography

A video is worth a thousand photos. Get the footage you need with high-resolution drone videography. Whether you want to document an adventure through the mountains of British Columbia, collect live reporting for a news program, or have a special event documented, our vendor’s drone services will ensure every second is translated to film through aerial video. 

Aerial Drone Photography Services in Canada

Aerial Drone Photography

Capture every moment with high resolution, unobscured drone photography. From weddings to work events to breaking news, aerial photography allows you to capture images in real time, from every angle. Whether you need drone photos for a television network, social media platform, brand advertising, or for memories, our expert drone vendors can get you the shots you need to capture a moment forever. 

Drone surveying and mapping across Canada

Drone Surveying & Mapping

Compared to traditional surveying, drone technology is the fastest, most cost-effective solution to attain high-definition aerial mapping. With the ability to capture images and videos from high above as well as very low to the ground, drones can create hyper-accurate models of any area throughout British Columbia. Equipped with the latest technology and training, our drone experts can measure ground shape, stockpiles, structures, and more to revolutionize your projects. 

Drone inspections of any facility in Canada

Drone Inspections

Inspections of commercial and industrial sites are not only difficult to carry out, but these time sensitive projects can be very expensive as well. However, with our vendor’s drone services, businesses can attain safe and affordable inspections of all infrastructures. Not only that, but drones give us access to data that is currently not available through live inspections. 

Construction surveying across Canada

Construction Surveying

Need to check in on a construction project? Whether it’s large commercial real estate or residential planning, drone flights can capture images and videos to help architects conceptualize designs and allow contractors to track the status of their projects. From producing elevation maps to providing accurate stockpile measurements, our drone experts are invaluable within the construction industry. 

Commercial Drone Services

Our commercial drone services span several industries to collect imagery, measurements, surveying, broadcasting, and more. From taking aerial photography of commercial real estate properties to oil and gas inspections to collecting data for agricultural, constructional, or infrastructural planning, drones produce high quality footage to capture every detail. If you have the airspace, our vendors have the expertise to fly through it safely and effectively, without compromising image quality. 

Drone Technology

Our vendor’s drone equipment is top-of-the-line to produce quality results, in every type of setting. To match the variety in drone services our vendors offer, we keep a large fleet of vendor drone pilots with diverse equipment and software. No matter the industry, we strive to bring the solutions – from the sky down. 

Our drone technology combined with our Geographic Information Systems (GIS) mapping software collects data that expands beyond an aerial photo. Spatial data, including orthomosaic maps to produce surveyor-grade measurements of topography, infrastructure, and buildings, 2D and 3D models, elevations, and more, can be derived from drone imagery. With drones, we can navigate tight areas and cover large, complex properties in a short amount of time. All while collecting high-resolution aerial photography and video, either through extreme zoom or close up image capture. 

Why Choose Us?


We love taking on new challenges to help your business run better – and our expert drone vendors can help you get there. Using our platform, you can connect with drone vendors from all over the world to receive the highest quality footage in the industry. As experts in their field, our vendors are committed to operating drones safely, efficiently, and in a way that prioritizes your budget and timeline. This makes us the ideal platform for businesses to buy drone photography and video. With strategic solutions and advanced technology, our drone engineers can capture the data you need, efficiently.

Or perhaps you’re a drone enthusiast and want to connect with likeminded individuals. Use our platform as a jumping off point to exchange footage and tips; or use it as a safe place to express your love of technology with people who share your passion. Whether you’re in the market for professional aerial footage or want to be a member of an inclusive platform full of fellow drone enthusiasts, join DroneStripe for free to chat with vendors today.

How Our Aerial Services Work

At DroneStripe, we are a directory, web platform, and interactive map provider to connect businesses with drone vendors. From professionals to hobbyists to consumers, our community bridges the gap to make high-resolution drone footage accessible and affordable for all who need it. 

If you need footage of a mining project, we can connect you to the latest footage available. If you’re looking to broadcast an event, connect with one of our drone vendors to collect the aerial footage you need. With every service we offer, professionalism, quality, and client satisfaction are our top priority. 

Many of our drone vendors are certified by Transport Canada to collect custom footage from all over the country. No matter the complexity, location, or type of project you need captured, our community of experts are here to exceed your expectations. 

Where We Serve

As authorized by Transport Canada, most of our vendors can operate throughout Canada. They collect footage from all over the country, even some international spots. Many of our drone vendors fly from coast to coast, so whether your project is in British Columbia, Alberta, or Toronto, we’ve got you covered. Forget the costly travel expenses and allow our community of drone experts to bring the aerial solutions you need. 

Our drone services extend to all areas of:

  • Alberta
  • British Columbia
  • Halifax
  • Manitoba
  • Nunavut
  • Ontario
  • Quebec
  • Saskatchewan
  • And more