Learning the DroneStripe Platform

How-to Videos

If you’re just getting started with DroneStripe or you can’t remember how to do something, you’ll likely find a how-to video to get you back on track! Can’t find what you’re looking for? Please post your questions to the Features and Suggestions Group.

Members & Vendors – The Difference

The difference between Members and Vendors is; Members are individuals that have joined the DroneStripe community but have not set up a store. Vendors are members who are a part of the community but have taken an additional step to become a vendor, which allows them to set up a storefront. To request more How-To videos, please visit the Features & Suggestions Group and post your request there.

For DroneStripe Members

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  1. Select Classifieds from the top menu.
  2. Click ‘New Item’ from either the banner or body content area
  3. Provide a title that includes a price, content that describes your item and a picture of your item.
  4. Check off the box that says Notify me of replies via email so that you are informed of when there is interest
  5. Click ‘Post’
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  1. Ensure that you are logged in, then select My Profile from your profile drop down in the top menubar
  2. Click the button ‘Edit Profile’ (in the body content area)
  3. At the bottom you’ll see Profile Type – drop that down and select your desired profile type.
For an explanation of the profile types, click here and read “What are the different member types & why do you have them?”
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  1. There are different ways to add photos and videos to your member profile. You can opt to add a status notification in the Activity Feed which includes media, or you can add photos & video through your profile.
  2. Drop down your name in the top menubar and select ‘My Profile’
  3. In the menu below your profile picture, select either Photography or Video and add your media there. You can also create albums.
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  1. Drop down your name from the top menubar and select ‘My Profile’
  2. Click right in the Profile picture area to add a photo.
  3. Click right in the Banner area to add a banner image.
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  1. In the navigation bar, drop down ‘Community’ and select ‘Members’.
  2. Within a members display, you will see three options, a person icon, a mail icon and the word ‘Follow’. Select how you’d like to reach out!
  3. Once the member receives your notification they can send back a message or approve the connection request.
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  1. Drop down your name from the top menu bar and select My Profile
  2. Once there, click the ‘Edit Profile’ button on the right or ‘Profile Details’ on the left.
  3. Update your information and be sure to SAVE.

For DroneStripe Vendors

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  1. Once you’ve signed up to be a Vendor, you’ll want to make your storefront look nice. To add a banner, click your name in the top menubar and select ‘My Store’
  2. You are now in your Store Dashboard. In the left menu, select ‘Settings’.
  3. In this section you can add another profile picture, a store banner and more information.
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  1. Once you’ve signed up to be a Vendor, the easiest way to find out what your Store URL is, navigate to ‘Vendor Hub’ in the main navigation and select ‘Search Vendors’.
  2. Find and select yourself from the list.
  3. Once the new page has opened, note the URL in your browser window’s address bar – copy that and send it to all your friends and family! That is your direct store link.