How the Story Began

About DroneStripe

DroneStripe is the trusted digital source, directory and resource for UAV professionals, hobbyists and enthusiasts. Owner, Wes Mossing, dreamt of creating a Canadian network (with the goal of going worldwide) that supports the drone and GoPro industries in an entirely unique way. DroneStripe strives to be your go-to resource whether you are a drone operator, GoPro user or a consumer looking to hire a pro or purchase aerial media.

The Business

Our free profiles are available to all professionals, hobbyists, and freelancers in the industry to give them the unique opportunity to share their talents, market their skills and more.

With a DroneStripe free profile you can:

  • Share your photos and video footage for browsing or purchase
  • Advertise your services to potential customers or other professionals Network with other drone and GoPro enthusiasts
  • Utilize our interactive maps to find new adventures and drop pins to share your journies with our community
  • Buy or sell used equipment when it’s time to upgrade
  • Gain access to industry news from a trusted and reliable source

The DroneStripe community is a place for endless growth opportunities and a supportive spot to learn and grow as an operator. If you haven’t joined us yet, you should! We’d love to experience all that you have to offer.

Owner & Founder of DroneStripe

Owner & Founder, Wes Mossing, is passionate about all things drone and GoPro and wanted to create a community of like-minded individuals that would give others the ability to grow their hobby or business in the industry.

Wes has been a drone pilot for over 6 years, and has worked in the survey industry since 1981. He brings a variety of experience from the oil and gas, legal / cadastral, mining, and industrial construction industries.

DroneStripe is Wes’ passion project and he is truly excited to see DroneStripe grow to support the ever changing drone and GoPro industries.

DroneStripe Owner Wes Mossing
Wes Mossing, Owner & Founder of DroneStripe
DroneStripe is Wes’ passion project and he is truly excited to see DroneStripe grow to support the ever-changing drone and GoPro industries.